Eat, Drink & Sing

Eat, Drink & Sing


EAT DRINK SING is really a pieced together album, one that came together with a magical stroke, a coincidence in events, and songs that just seemed to fall into place. Bear Dyke, my friend, and the founder of Mira Winery, was in the process of launching his fantastic wines to the world. At the same time, I was in a very creative space, and had recently written a song that he and I were both wild over, " WORDS JUST AIN'T ENOUGH". There just HAD to be a way to work the two things together...after all, who doesn't enjoy a glass of premium vino while listening to music? That proved our answer...I would record a disc of cuts that could accompany the Mira wine experience, and EAT DRINK SING was born.

The material that makes up the disc came together quickly; some songs had been recorded earlier, but had remained unreleased, including WORDS, LIVING SLOW, ANOTHER ROUND, THE BACK OF HER HAND, The JD SOUTHER song I'LL BE HERE AT CLOSING TIME, and ONE PICTURE. As well , there was an added bonus, as we featured an outtake from my former group, ONE FLEW SOUTH, entitled TOO DRUNK TO SAY GOODBYE. This, in itself, made the disc extra special, as the band had been signed to the legendary DECCA records, before the US Economy crash of 2009 ended its' career. This track is a special moment from a special time, and deserved to be unveiled. Also, there are the new songs, the honest, pained lyric of HOLD ON TO YOU, the sprite realism of SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE, the countrified blues of ALCOHOL HEART.

The production approach was to keep the material acoustic...there is one electric guitar solo, for the fun of it....but in doing so, it honors the true nature of these songs in their original habitat. The voice, at times, is raw, and the arrangements are adventurous, free to roam as it were. 

Ultimately, producer Dave Matthews and I discovered things about this music, and about our mutual love of powerful musical presentation in small packages, and a poignant , expressive lyric to go along. In that process, as happens in the organic science of brilliant wine, art happened...meaningful, welcoming, and oh so great to experience over, and over again.

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