We Loved Aloud.

We Loved Aloud.


We Loved Aloud is the 18th studio release from national recording artist Eddie Bush, and could very well be his finest work yet!

Featuring the scorching guitar laden instrumental "Wherefore Art Thou", the delicate "Like Houdini Did", the very funky and honest "Official", the joyous, celebratory title track, the ode to Charleston's Hotel Bennett, where the aforementioned serves as metaphoric fodder for embracing the moment, the uniquely rhythmic "Same Language" ...it goes on and on.

18 songs in all, produced by one of Nashville's finest, Dave Matthews, who claims that this is Eddie's "Sgt. Pepper", referencing the Beatles classic, of course. 

It's a record filled with all that is expected in an Eddie Bush work -- poetic lyricism, excellent musicianship, death defying guitar lines, big and meaningful choruses. But there's even a bit more here. 

We Loved Aloud is an organic framework, built by Dave and Eddie, that manages to continue finding new musical landscapes, and invites us all to "Love Aloud".

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